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professor: I want you all to write an essay for the final
class: ughhhh
professor: oh and the 3 unit students need to write two essays total for the final
half the class: kill me now. i don't need to graduate.
fast forward to finals week
me: *typing furiously, have fun grading 30 pages of my bullshit you asshole*
me: submit
stay in school kids

honestly the closer

i get to graduating college,

i feel like

the less i really know.

so stop

fucking asking

me how the exams were


such and such professor.

i barely remember what happened

an hour ago.

you were obviously 

intelligent enough

to get in

so use that noggin

of yours

and quit doubting yourself.


i find myself reading over 

what i’ve already posted on this account

before i start a new post.

i used to do that a lot 

when i used to do old school journal entries

okay i lied more like diary entries.

i never understood the difference

between them.

i just thought journal sounded less sissy.

and nobody wants to be labeled as fragile.

anyway onto my point.

i’ve been told people who don’t feel closure

revisit things of the past

and somehow its taboo or something like that.

but i’ve also heard you can’t really 

move on

until you go back.

but hell, some of us just like to 

laugh at what we did in the past

to make us feel better.

and isn’t that ok?

plus i said some pretty snarky things

that gained a few notes

and i’m surprised

that whatever it was i posted 

was actually good or relatable.

i can’t say i like the past better

because i’m pretty content 

with who i am now

(with a few minor flaws of course).

besides it sure is

a heck of a lot 


to do

than anticipate

the uncertainty

of the future.


trying to fix the printer for 5 hours > studying for finals

its not even december yet

and i’m already broke.

on the ramen noodle diet 

because i need gas in the tank.

5 job applications

3 interviews

and i’m still unemployed.

i don’t even want to know

how much tuition is going

to cost next quarter.

maybe i should sell a kidney.

maybe i’ll have some money left over 

for that sick concert lineup.

yeah right :/

i’m tired of your shit

kept me waiting

for hours.

i was stupid to think

you’d actually be worth it.

I’m going home 

to the same four walls

i’m familiar with.

i don’t want change.

i’m comfortable where i am.

a haiku for solstice:


the last piece of gum

running to buy some more now

discontinued flavor.


RIP Solstice.

but seriously why did i have to find out through wikipedia that this was discontinued??!?!?!?!?! 

reblogging my own post from another account because this is so sad D: 

almost time for school

waited to the last minute 

to buy the supplies

okay i suck at haikus.

but thats not the point of this 

i just wanted to rant about

being on the quarter system.

because most of the stores mark up

their back to school stuff

by the time i need it.

goodbye lunch money. it was nice knowing you :(

my summer in a nutshell
in a perfect world: catch up on sleep
reality: plagued by insomnia

stop trying to empathize with me when i feel like crap

you’re not making me feel better